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How To Create A Scientific Illustration

Simple steps to ensure correct creation of scientific illustrations.


This short instructional video was created as part of a biology practicum at Ryerson University under the supervision of Dr. Karen Puddephatt &

Dr. Charlotte de Araujo. Support was also received from the Ryerson University Learning and Teaching Office. 

Sex Reversal as a Reproductive Strategy

Adult sex-reversal is the change of primary sex characteristics to another sex during adulthood. It is an extreme example of phenotypic plasticity – the ability of an animal to change its form due to a cue from the environment.


This video is targeted to university students interested in evolutionary patterns. It is geared towards students that already understand basic evolution principles. 

Intro to Mendelian Genetics & the Punnett Square

This video offers an introduction to genetics. It covers terms such as loci, gene, allele, homozygous, heterozygous, genotype, phenotype, dominant, recessive, and the Law of Segregation.


It was made specifically for people that are visual and tactile learners.

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