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"Genetics is amazing as it creates a lineage of ancestry."

Artist Statement

     For some reason this piece feels self-indulgent to me. Why is it so satisfying to look at images like this? We often think of ourselves as unique individuals, and so it is eerie to see two separate people who look the same. Genetics is amazing as it creates a lineage of ancestry. The fun thing about this concept is that it is science you can see. While we are all undoubtedly unique, every single protein in our body is a genetic gift from our parents. They each gave half of their coding to you so that you could live. Sometimes that results in resemblance, other times it results in differences.


     The process for making this was unusual and nerve-racking because it relied solely on the participation of others. This piece only could come together because people took time out of their day to celebrate and share the similarities they have with their family.

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